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App Redirect Service

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App Redirect Service


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App Redirect Service



You have an app in multiple app stores? Are you annoyed because you always have to use and communicate two or more links? Then we have the solution for you: App Forward bundles all app store links to your app in one single URL. Depending on which device the user clicks the App Forward link, he will be forwarded to the correct app store. If the App Forward link has been clicked with a PC browser, the user will be forwarded to a fallback website.

App Forward supports the following app stores: Apple Appstore, Google Play Store, Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, Amazon App Store and landing pages as a fallback for PC users.

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Silver Account

49,90 €*
per year

  • max 1 App
  • max 1000
    forwards per month
for 1 year 49,90€*
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  • max 25 Apps
  • max 100.000
    forwards per month
for 1 year 99,90€*
Platinum Account

199,90 €*
per year

  • max 250 Apps
  • max 1.000.000
    forwards per month
for 1 year 199,90€*

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens after the 30-day trial period?

After the 30-day test phase, the service will be disabled until payment information is entered and a service packet has been activated.

2. Which app stores are supported by App Forward?

App Forward directs users from an advertisement, a landing page or from a booklet (via QR code) in the correct App Store. The following app stores are supported: - Apple App Store - Google Play Store - Amazon App Store, - Apple Mac Store - Windows Store and - Windows Phone Store. There, users can download the app directly. Users who access the link to the desktop PC can be directed to a website.

3. Can I cancel the service?

You may terminate the service at any time.

4. Can I see how often the App Forward link was clicked?

In the Login section you can see how often the App Forward URL has been clicked and to which app store the users have been forwarded to.

5. Is there a way to see how often my users have been forwarded to which App Store?

You will receive statistics per app where you can see how many forwards have been used and how these are distributed over the various app stores.

6. Can I use this link for print media?

You can use the App Forward link for brochures or flyers. For this, use the automatically generated QR code. This QR code contains the link and can be used immediately.

7. What happens when the monthly volume of redirects exceeds the granted limit?

When 95% of the allowed volume is reached then we will send out an according notification to inform you. If the limit is exceeded by 5% we will stop redirecting and the link will be inactive. However upgrading to a higher volume is possible at any time to prevent the deactivation of the service.

About Us

App Forward Service was launched by us as we wanted to use only a download link for marketing campaigns. And regardless of what device the end user clicks on the download link, it should come to the download in the right app store.

Because we think this is a very useful tool, we also want to make it available to other developers, publishers and companies which own apps .

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